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  • Bar Slutsky, Intern at SenseTech Solutions
    "Then I received the offer to assist the university's partners at CNIB, I didn't really know what to expect. However, the past few months of taking part in developing a VR application for CNIB have been the best experience I’ve had during my time in school. During that time, I joined a team from a VR start-up company and learned how to develop VR applications, assisted with the project for CNIB, got to present the final product at a professional show at the Metro Convention centre downtown, and even received an offer to join the VR start-up company in working on one of their projects, starting in January. The experiential learning program is a great way for us CS students to represent our university by helping the community. In return, we get the opportunity to earn valuable skills, real-world experience to show on our resumes, and potentially even job opportunities."
    Bar Slutsky, Intern at SenseTech Solutions
    University of Toronto
  • Daniel Moore, Manager, Corporate and Foundation Partnerships
    VRAI OP for CNIB's come to work program
    "This project will develop and test the effectiveness of incorporating virtual reality and artificial intelligence software in job readiness training for people with sight loss. Taking as our starting point the design behind winning entry of the 2018 Innovative Designs for Accessibility national competition, and working with the team who built it, we will create an accessible digital space where people across the sight loss spectrum can practice and track their progress using soft job skills in simulated environments before meeting a potential employer. This software will support CNIB's existing employment program."
    Daniel Moore, Manager, Corporate and Foundation Partnerships
    CNIB Foundation
  • Andre Lukatsky, CTO
    "SenseTech was instrumental in launching Hadley Institute’s Virtual Reality CAVE. Their knowledge and expertise in mastering virtual reality content and mapping it to our projection and audio equipment made this project a great success."
    Andre Lukatsky, CTO
    Hadley Institute