A little about us

Meet our team

SenseTech Solutions is a Canadian based company. The company was founded by students from York University in late 2018 that were interested in applying game development in a more meaningful way.

We look forward to one day distributing our products to as many communities across North America. The thought that our products/ services can positively impact communities serving the disabled keeps us inspired to work hard everyday.

What makes us unique?

Part of the journey of formating appropriate tools for a person with a disability is to be part of their culture, to fully understand what their problem points are, and allow their feedback to be the key ingredient in the completed product. We use this method to format our virtual reality solutions into experiences that provide relief to problems commonly found in the respective community. In addition, we provide our simulation technology across many platforms such as head mounted display, room-scale projector and mobile smartphones. Each platform provides different experiences and benefits, which allows SenseTech Solutions to utilize the most accessible medium to the end user.

Our awards


Excellent execution and societal impact.

Patel family capstone award

1st place for exhibiting the most potential to positively impact human well-being with maximum, immediate benefit.

Innovative Design for Accessibility (IDeA) student competition (Canada wide)

1st place for creating the most impactful solution of a real word accessibility problem.

Staples: This is how I grow my business contest

For valuing research and development as a key driver while diving into the culture of their clients. For understanding pain points and making client feedback the key ingredient in the completed product.

MaRS and CIBC Inclusive Design Challenge

2nd Place for creating bold solutions that transform access to employment for persons with disabilities.