Immersive simulated environments for rehabilitation, training, therapy and human-machine interface concepts and testing.

Currently our simulation products are being utilized by the blind community for interpreting sensory cues, developing and testing skills in environments that they consider high risk.

What is it compatible with?

Cave VR




Gif of a street crossing simulation. It is a 4 way intersection with cars driving by in all directions.
Street Crossing
Gif of the TTC subway simulation. 2 bystanders are present on the left as a TTC Subway train approaches.
TTC Subway Platform

Safer + Faster rehabilitation, training and therapy

Some environments are too dangerous or high risk for real-world execution.

Control environmental factors

Real scenarios are difficult to control with accuracy or are infeasible. Our simulations allow for the control of many aspects such as traffic density, pedestrians, weather + lighting conditions and other interruptions.

7.1 Surround sound and Binaural audio

Life-like audio provides deep immersion into the simulation.

Inspired? Have a look at our VR Hub Station featuring Street Crossing at the Hadley Institute for the Blind.

Currently 4 VR hub stations are installed featuring our products within Canada and the USA.