A study conducted by CNIB Foundation, Vision Australia, and the Blind Foundation of New Zealand found people with sight loss are significantly (2x) less likely to be employed full time compared to their sighted counterparts.

VRAI OP: A series of virtual reality simulations that utilize artificial intelligence that focus on job readiness training for people with and without sightloss.

What is it for? What are the benefits compared to the alternative?

VRAI OP allows users to develop interview skills such as speaking skills, engaging in eye contact and body language. Practicing interviews reduces anxiety and promotes confidence building.

Empowerment through independence – Users are able to practice interviews and develop skills on their own without worrying about making mistakes or being judged (such as in a real mock interview). Practice makes perfect!

What is it compatible with?

Cave VR


Desktop monitors

Android / iOS


5 scenarios

Artificial intelligence

Using advanced sensors by Microsoft, SenseTech Solutions is able to perform machine learning tasks such as real time body tracking and speech recognition.

Pose estimation

For tracking user’s body posture such as amount of lean, eye contact engagement and head orientation.

Speech recognition

For tracking user speech for string analysis (positive vs negative answers), tone recognition (happy, angry, sad), speaking volume and filler words (“uhm”, “uhh”).

Binaural audio

Realistic audio for determining the origin of the sound. Sound directions automatically reorientate depending on the users head.

VRAI OP Authoring Gif showcasing the authoring of an interview using the VRAI OP online platform. The gif showcases inputing questions and relevant answers.

Author your own custom interviews!

From questions, answers, interview styles, environment and more!

Let others take interviews on their phone!

Practice interviews on your own smartphone! Available on both Android and iOS smartphones.

REPORT CARD for self evaluation

An automatically generated Accessible Microsoft Word Document for self evaluation. This provides the user with metrics on how to improve their interview skills by overall performance as well as a question by question breakdown analysis.


Grade: B+

You did great! But here is how you can improve…