Gif of the AR Authoring tool on windows and mac computers. A 3d digital object of a Human Skull is being annotated. The annotation is first positioned on the skull using the mouse pointed and then described.

AR Authoring Platform for Tactile Learning

Platform for authoring accessible e-learning content in a storyboard format, equipped with properties of visualization, interaction, collaboration, and inclusive learning practices.

Interview environment of a main office. A woman is seated at a large desk facing an empty seat.


A series of virtual reality simulations that utilize artificial intelligence that focus on job readiness training for people with and without sightloss.

Gif of a street crossing simulation. It is a 4 way intersection with cars driving by in all directions.

Immersive simulated environments

Immersive simulated environments for rehabilitation, training, therapy and human-machine interface concepts and testing.

Gif of Classroom simulator. The simulation of AMD eye condition is presented while trying to read an Alphabet chart.

Classroom simulator

Developed primarily as a promotional tool for raising funds/ awareness for CNIB. People with near-normal vision can experience visual impairments such as glaucoma, AMD and cataract in a school classroom environment.